Affiliated Faculty

The Agroecology Program brings together faculty affiliates from many disciplines and departments across campus. These faculty advise Agroecology students and participate in program governance. Click on the faculty names below to visit their websites.

Faculty Affiliates as of spring 2020

wdt_ID Name Home Department Interests weblink
1 Brad Barham Agricultural and Applied Economics agricultural technology adoption, development (Latin America), land use, bioenergy https://aae.wisc.edu/faculty/blbarham/
2 Brent Hueth Agricultural and Applied Economics contracting and organizations, agricultural markets, cooperatives, applied econometrics https://uwcc.wisc.edu/staff/hueth-brent/
3 Paul Mitchell Agricultural and Applied Economics production economics, risk management, integrated pest management, sustainability https://aae.wisc.edu/pdmitchell/
4 Randy Jackson Agronomy grassland ecology, landscape-level nutrient exchange, grazing, bioenergy systems https://agronomy.wisc.edu/randy-jackson/
5 Chris Kucharik Agronomy cropping systems ecology, ecosystem modeling, climate change https://agronomy.wisc.edu/christopher-kucharik/
6 Joe Lauer Agronomy corn production systems and their impact on profitability and environment https://agronomy.wisc.edu/joe-lauer/
7 Valentin Picasso Agronomy forage management, climate change, tropical grazing systems https://agronomy.wisc.edu/valentin-picasso/
8 Mark Renz Agronomy invasive weed management and restoration, grazing https://agronomy.wisc.edu/mark-renz/
9 Dave Stoltenberg Agronomy weed ecology and management, cropping systems, herbicide resistance https://agronomy.wisc.edu/dave-stoltenberg/
10 Bill Tracy Agronomy sweet corn breeding and genetics, interaction between agriculture and society https://agronomy.wisc.edu/bill-tracy/
Name Home Department Interests weblink