Affiliated Faculty

The Agroecology Program brings together faculty affiliates from many disciplines and departments across campus. These faculty advise Agroecology students and participate in program governance. Click on the faculty names below to visit their websites.

Faculty Affiliates as of spring 2020

wdt_ID Name Home Department Interests weblink
2 Brent Hueth Agricultural and Applied Economics contracting and organizations, agricultural markets, cooperatives, applied econometrics https://uwcc.wisc.edu/staff/hueth-brent/
3 Paul Mitchell Agricultural and Applied Economics production economics, risk management, integrated pest management, sustainability https://aae.wisc.edu/pdmitchell/
4 Randy Jackson Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences grassland ecology, landscape-level nutrient exchange, grazing, bioenergy systems https://agronomy.wisc.edu/randy-jackson/
5 Chris Kucharik Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences cropping systems ecology, ecosystem modeling, climate change https://agronomy.wisc.edu/christopher-kucharik/
7 Valentin Picasso Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences forage management, climate change, tropical grazing systems https://agronomy.wisc.edu/valentin-picasso/
8 Mark Renz Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences invasive weed management and restoration, grazing https://agronomy.wisc.edu/mark-renz/
9 Dave Stoltenberg Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences weed ecology and management, cropping systems, herbicide resistance https://agronomy.wisc.edu/dave-stoltenberg/
10 Bill Tracy Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences sweet corn breeding and genetics, interaction between agriculture and society https://agronomy.wisc.edu/bill-tracy/
11 Robert Anex Biological Systems Engineering bioprocess engineering, systems analysis, life-cycle assessment https://bse.wisc.edu/staff/anex-rob/
12 Doug Reinemann Biological Systems Engineering bioenergy systems, renewable energy, integral thought and philosophy https://bse.wisc.edu/staff/reinemann-douglas/
13 Anita Thompson Biological Systems Engineering hydrology; sediment, nutrient and pathogen transport; erosion management https://bse.wisc.edu/staff/thompson-anita/
14 Samer Alatout Community and Environmental Sociology science and technology studies, territory studies, environmental policy https://dces.wisc.edu/people/faculty/samer-alatout/
15 Michael Bell Community and Environmental Sociology sociology of nature, social inequality, integrated agricultural systems, agroecology https://dces.wisc.edu/people/faculty/michael-bell/
16 Nan Enstad Community and Environmental Sociology history of food systems https://history.wisc.edu/people/enstad-nan/
17 Noah Feinstein Curriculum and Instruction public engagement with science, sustainability education, climate change https://ci.education.wisc.edu/ci/people/faculty/noah-feinstein
18 Michel Wattiaux Dairy Science international dairy sustainability, agricultural education https://dysci.wisc.edu/michel-wattiaux/
19 Claudio Gratton Entomology landscape ecology, pollinators, agro-ecosystems, bioenergy https://gratton.entomology.wisc.edu/people/claudio-gratton/
20 Christelle Guedot Entomology fruit crop entomology, pollinators, integrated pest management http://labs.russell.wisc.edu/fruitcropentomology/christelle-guedot/
21 Russell Groves Entomology integrated pest management, vegetable production systems, applied insect ecology https://entomology.wisc.edu/people/faculty/groves/
22 Shawn Steffan Entomology applied cranberry entomology, integrated pest management, ecology http://labs.russell.wisc.edu/steffan/people-2/shawn-steffan-2/
23 Mutlu  Ozdogon Forest and Wildlife Ecology remote sensing, hydrology, land use, land cover change https://forestandwildlifeecology.wisc.edu/people/faculty-and-staff/mutlu-ozdogan/
24 Mark Rickenbach Forest and Wildlife Ecology public policy, social science, private forestry, multifunctional landscapes https://forestandwildlifeecology.wisc.edu/people/faculty-and-staff/mark-rickenbach/
25 Adena Rissmann Forest and Wildlife Ecology resource policy, conservation planning and evaluation, ecosystem management http://labs.russell.wisc.edu/rissman/dr-rissman/
26 Keisha Lindsay Gender and Women's Studies and Political Science feminist political theory, black feminist theory, black masculinities, and gender-based politics in the African diaspora https://polisci.wisc.edu/staff/keisha-lindsay/
27 Holly Gibbs Geography / Nelson Institute tropical land use change and globalization, food security, climate change, conservation http://www.gibbs-lab.com/holly-gibbs/
28 Claudia Calderon Horticulture agroecological sustainability and climate resilience; small-holder farms in Central America https://horticulture.wisc.edu/directory/claudia-calderon/
29 Jed Colquhoun Horticulture applied weed ecology, vegetable production systems https://horticulture.wisc.edu/directory/jed-colquhoun/
30 Julie Dawson Horticulture urban and regional food systems, small scale diversified farms, participatory research https://dawson.horticulture.wisc.edu
32 Paul Zedler Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies ecology of shrublands, forests, and prairies; fire ecology; agricultural landscapes http://faculty.nelson.wisc.edu/zedler/zedler.php
33 David Bart Planning and Landscape Architecture ecological restoration, human role in environmental change https://dpla.wisc.edu/staff/david-bart/
35 Ken Genskow Planning and Landscape Architecture environmental planning and policy, watershed planning, and collaborative and participatory approaches to resource management https://dpla.wisc.edu/staff/ken-genskow/
36 Alfonso Morales Planning and Landscape Architecture food systems, public marketplaces, and street vendors, and their role in economic development https://dpla.wisc.edu/staff/alfonso-morales/
37 Ann MacGuidwin Plant Pathology sustainable management of nematodes in potato production http://labs.russell.wisc.edu/macguidwinlab/people/
38 Erin Silva Plant Pathology organic agricultural  production, including vegetables, row crops, and pastures http://www.uworganic.wisc.edu/home/about-people/primary-investigator/
39 Francisco Arriaga Soil Science applied soil physics, soil and water management, soil conservation https://soils.wisc.edu/people/faculty/arriaga/
40 Phillip Barak Soil Science soil chemistry and plant nutrition https://www.soils.wisc.edu/facstaff/barak/
41 Matt Ruark Soil Science soil fertility and nutrient management, nutrient cycling, climate change, agroecosystems https://soils.wisc.edu/people/faculty/ruark/
42 Steve Ventura - Retired Soil Science geographic information systems, urban agriculture, bioenergy, land tenure https://soils.wisc.edu/people/faculty/ventura/
43 Thea Whitman Soil Science soil ecology, soil microbiology, terrestrial carbon biogeochemistry, climate change https://whitmanlab.soils.wisc.edu
44 Jennifer Gaddis Civil Society and Community Studies Department food justice in urban communities and food sovereignty in Native communities https://sohe.wisc.edu/staff/jennifer-gaddis/
45 Anna Gade Nelson Institute Environmental Humanities, Islamic Studies, and the academic study of religion and ethics https://sites.google.com/a/wisc.edu/amgade/
46 Zac Freedman Soil Science soil biogeochemistry, ecology, and microbiology and sustainability https://freedmanlab.soils.wisc.edu/
47 Shelby Ellison Horticulture Plant genetics and genomics, plant domestication, germplasm characterization and improvement of alternative crops with an emphasis in hemp https://alternativecrops.wiscweb.wisc.edu/
48 Eric Booth Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences water quality, flooding, wetlands, ecosystem modeling, climate change https://www.ericbooth.org/
49 Erika Marin-Spiotta Geography soil biogeochemistry; carbon cycling; agroecosystems; Caribbean and Latin America; land-use change https://marinspiotta.wordpress.com/
50 Sean Schoville Entomology population and landscape genetics, pesticide resistance, pest evolution, rapid environmental change, conservation genetics https://molecularecology.russell.wisc.edu/
51 Xia Zhu-Barker Soil Science Soils and biogeochemistry, isotopes, land management, climate change, environmental sustainability, dairy systems https://zhubarkerlab.soils.wisc.edu/
52 Margaret Kalcic Biological Systems Engineering Watershed modeling, agricultural hydrology, water quality, geospatial analysis, human dimensions of watershed management https://bse.wisc.edu/staff/kalcic-margaret/
53 Sarah Adcock Animal & Dairy Sciences farm animal welfare, applied animal behavior, insect farming https://andysci.wisc.edu/directory/sarah-adcock/
54 Leslie Holland Department of Plant Pathology applied fruit crop pathology, fungal disease complexes, integrated disease management https://fcpp.plantpath.wisc.edu/
55 Steven Hall Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences water quality, soil health, climate change mitigation, biogeochemistry https://agwater.cals.wisc.edu
56 Edna Ely-Ledesma Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture city design, planning, public spaces, markets, hybrid space, incrementalism and human geography https://dpla.wisc.edu/staff/ledesma-edna/
57 Yi Wang Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences sustainable vegetable production https://uwveggies.wiscweb.wisc.edu/
58 Gregg Sanford Soil Science Cropping Systems, Soil Carbon, Ecological Intensification, Long-term Experiments
59 Ankur Desai Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences land-atmosphere interactions, agricultural meteorology, climate change, eddy covariance flux towers, carbon cycle, water cycle, nature-based climate solutions https://flux.aos.wisc.edu
Name Home Department Interests weblink