Agroecology Program Governance

The Agroecology Governance Committee, composed of five faculty and two student members, oversees all aspects of the program including admissions, student progress, curriculum development, and budget. The processes and authority of the committee are outlined by the Agroecology bylaws. The committee meets monthly during the academic year. All meeting agendas and minutes are public and available upon request.

Agroecology Governance Committee 2020-2021

William Tracy (Professor of Agronomy), Chair

Michael Bell (Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology)

Erin Silva (Professor of Plant Pathology)

Sarah Lloyd (Scientist with CIAS)

Nan Enstad (Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology)

Mengmeng Luo (Agroecology Student)

Abigail Augarten (Agroecology Student)